Friday, February 22, 2008

Email to Helen...

Although I became homeless last week and almost no progress has been made to reverse my fortunes in that area, I have had fantastic success on several of my family history projects.

Helen, you will never guess who I got an email from this morning at 12:03 am. Yes, long-lost, not-heard-from Brian Belew. Said he just saw my email of probably four/six months ago asking him to send me the link to his DNA data. He asked what it was that I wanted him to do. My reply went out this am abt 6 am. Maybe this time he will see it sooner rather than later and will follow-thru and email me his link.

Also have had a series of successes related to finding info on my great Aunt Luta Mitchell Mings. Got her obit last week. Also got the obit for her son J. Mitchell Mings with info on his family, none of which I had before. Actually got two obits for him -- one from Tyler, TX where he died while visiting his wife's relatives, the other from Dallas, TX where he lived.

Also physically located in a serious of miraculous and clever detective work. Found her married surname and data on her husband. Got his obit too, which described his surviving family members. So I got a ton of info on people I knew almost nothing about.

As you know I reached out and touched Kaye D. in Kingman, AZ regarding Daniel P.

Only one thing on my list to do. That is to contact William B. of Boulder, CO that is descended from Peter & Solomon Belew.

I also studied the maps of Anson Co and the meanderings of Brown Creek in that county so closely that it is not etched in my mind. I feel that I have been there. I may not need to actually visit there now. I feel that I already have. The main point for me is to definitely place the Thomas Hightower property that Renny and Sarah Belew had been witnessed to its transfer in present day Anson County. I am now convinced, indeed the property described as being along Brown Creek is indeed in Anson County.

So I now feel that I have "finished" my genealogy. My family is sick of me saying that over and over as I was nearing the end.

Of course, there are and will be a few areas I will like to pursue both on my Belew and Mitchell lines but I think I have exhausted almost every avenue of research on these two lines.

Recruitment of William B. of Boulder, CO for the DNA project is still there as in looking my earliest Mitchell (James Mitchell of Amelia Co, VA) are on my "new project" list. Following up with Kaye D. on Daniel P. is there two. But all of these are projects that can be done quite easily.