Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Email to Matt Mitchell...

Attached is an EXCEL spreadsheet with Mitchell Surname DNA Values. I was able to copy it from the http://www.familytreedna.com/ Mitchell Surname section into EXCEL. I think I had to define the matrix size I wanted to copy and then copy to a matrix in EXCEL that was the same size. I think with the attached matrix I did not copy all the rows and only the first 28 rows off the website matrix. That gave me my 25 markers. I added a count column to the my EXCEL spreadsheet. I cut off the the number of rows selected so it fit on a one page nicely.


Click on "results" button and "Y results" button to see original table on the Mitchell webpage.

Matt & David maybe you could play with the Ballew table the same way and get it on a nice EXCEL spreadsheet that I could mail to people. The Ballew results are at http://www.ballewassn.org/dna_project.htm


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