Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Email from Nancy...

I have made NO progress with Aunt Luta and family. I must confess that I did not work as long as before but just a little every other day or so ..... no luck. Today I received an email from someone who is related to me on my mother's side ..... We have never been able to trace this family past the late 1700's in Italy. In fact, we were thinking it would be fun to go to the village where my great grandfather grew up and search church records, etc. Then this came out of the blue ...... I think I put a query in to either or rootsweb several years ago ... forgot all about it. Anyway, the person that emailed me said he has the direct line back to 1235!!! Yay!!! I am so excited, can't believe it. Now, let's hope that all kinds of good news comes rolling in for all of our lines.

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