Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Email to Family...

Please find attached a relatively comprehensive list of all adult living Mitchell cousins descended from my Great Grandfather Edmund (Edgar) Harper Mitchell. His immediate children were Alva Mitchell, 1870-1956; Robert Emmett Mitchell, 1873-1913 (my grandfather); Otis Mitchell, 1875-1959; Otis Mitchell, 1875-1959; Luta Mitchell Mings, 1879-1971; and Edgar Mitchell, 1880- abt 1910.

The list has contact information for the living adult descendants and list their children as of April 14, 2008.

Please keep in a safe place. You never know when you may be called upon to become the, or at least one of the, family historians. The attached list will give you a good starting place.

I view the attached document of one of the major accomplishments of my life and the completion of one of my important missions here on earth. Please cherish it.

Some final thoughts. Information on two of the main branches were collected within the last year. The descendants of Alva and their whereabouts were unknown just a year ago to us Mitchells who migrated to California. The information on the Luta's descendants were obtained just a few weeks ago. Margaret Mings Bunnell is the oldest living Mitchell descendant, age 92 who on 12 May 2008 will turn 93. She is lives independently in Dallas, Texas and is a joy to converse with. She is sharp as a tack.


[List not attached]

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