Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Email to several genealogy friends...

Some Clarifications:

Edgar Harper Mitchell came to Texas in a huff, possibly because it became clear that the Mitchell plantation in Griffin, GA known as Double Cabins, would be left to his father's third wife -- the city girl that was not much older than some of Shatteen's older children. It was said Edgar mounted his horse in anger and did not stop until he reached eastern Texas.

In fact, Double Cabins was inherited in its entirety by Shatteen C. Mitchell's eldest son, John Henry, 1833-1912. Double Cabins was then left to John Henry's adopted daughter Leonora (Nora) Mitchell, 1867-1938. She married James Walker, 1864-1944. Double Cabins is also known as the Mitchell-Walker Home and today is a bed and breakfast operated by a grandson of James Walker.

I have visited the house my self as well as other Mitchell cousins. The latest that I know of is Nancy M. who stayed at the home last October with her husband Ted. Then Shirley N. visited Double Cabins at the time of the Olympics held in Atlanta, GA. That same day by happenstance, my brother Robert Mitchell also visited Double Cabins. Long story short my brother Robert (Bob) and Shirley were married a year or two later. So Shirley born a Mitchell became a Mitchell once again.

One more tidbit, from the Factual Fiction portion of Mary Mitchell Clarke about Shatteen C. Mitchell, 1802-1866 it mentions the child of his name sake was born after her father died at Winchester, VA. Shatteen C. Mitchell, Jr. was killed at the Battle of Third Winchester, Sept 19th, 1864. His daughter Shatteen C. Mitchell was born Dec 27th 1864 and was affectionately known as Aunt Shattie. She died in Oct 1959. Well within most of our life times and not before she past down what she knew of her Mitchell family so we would know of our rich family heritage. And yes I agree that some may think that I am rather obsessed with this family history stuff. Quilty as charged! - Cousin Ron Mitchell

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