Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Email to Ann...

I and my father were stuck actually the generation before for 40 or more years with James' son Shatteen C. I will have to look at the material again in Mary Mitchell Clarke's book, Shatteen Coker Mitchell, 1802-1866 but it may include a discussion of John and Obedience as possible parents of James. Years after her book was published Mary Clarke found the settlement of an inheritance suite in Laurens, SC abt 1842 as I recall. In any event a court decided who should get what and it laid out beautifully all the family relationship including Shatteen's parents and siblings. But John and Obedience marriage date made them good candidates to be possibly my Shatteen's parents. There were others in the Amelia County marriage records that see also seem plausible candidates as well. I know there is another older James in Amelia County that could be my James father or grandfather. No documentation that links these people. That is why I am trying the DNA route too.

I just recruited another cousin from a different grandfather than I to take the test. We are awaiting his results. I have another Mitchell cousin from still a different grandfather that I am thinking about recruiting but he lives in Houston and may have more pressing issues on his mind right now with "Ike" and all.

But this is wonderful to have this match with another Mitchell line that can trace its roots back to Amelia County. There are a lot of Mitchell's there back to 1735/1750 or so. Just don't know how they are connected. But with our DNA matches we at least know our two lines are related. Please thank your son for testing.

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