Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Email to Matt and Brittany...

I very excited about the new DNA match I have on the Mitchell line. Coming to grips with the James Mitchell issue and his connection to other Mitchell's in Amelia County is the one issue I have set aside until I worked some other issues. I believe now is the time to address this issue as a priority research issue.

Matt, As I recall you have done the most thinking on this one. So maybe we can work together to come to an understanding about the Mitchell Amelia connection.

One strange thought is that with the confirmation through DNA of some relations to John Mitchell that I claim the whole batch as kinfolk and do the temple work for all of them.

Mom, in fact, thinks we may have already done all the Mitchell marriages of record in Amelia County that could have been potentially Shatteen's parents. For example, she believes we already did John and Obedience.

I need to refresh myself on what data we have. I know we have the whole set of early records from Amelia County, including marriages, deeds, wills, & miscellaneous court records. The family went together and got them for me for Christmas one year. In know I have typed notes on them too.

Do you have access to the new Family Search program there in Utah? We are suppose to have it right now. Gee, I wonder if there is any connection of this Mitchell issue coming to the fore right now and the roll-out this week in our area of new Family Search. WOW! Spooky, huh?


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