Sunday, September 28, 2008

Email to Family...

I am loving the New FamilySearch.Org. I was able to look up John Mitchell, 1758-1836, and wife Obedience Vaughan, 1765- on NFS and found a wonderful family group -- 19 children 7 boys and 12 girls. Now there a goal for you kids. Can you beat that? Graham/Angie? I know the Mitchell family is competitive.

Guessing on the 1758 birth date, John must be an older cousin or possibly an uncle to our end-of-line James Mitchell, 1772-1804.

And yes there must be some other LDS genealogist working this Vaughan line because the temple work has been done for all the Mitchell/Vaughan children and she sealed to spouse but no work done for John himself based on the one record I am looking at. The first one I saw for John and Obedience. Her line extends to her paternal and maternal grand parents. All temple work completed for them as well. Interesting.

See isn't NFS great.

Another genealogy victory. I have been working sporadically since we returned from California in early August on piecing together Mike Bradford's (Sue Christiansen Mitchell, ...Bradford -- my sister-in-law's husband) line back to William Bradford, Colonial Governor of Massachusetts, 1621-1633. Almost had it done too. At last think I was close. Now with NFS tool available, I entered Mike's grandfather's name, Samuel Case Bradford into NFS and walla the whole line appeared back to Governor Bradford. Just that fast. Amazing!

I am now feeling some responsibility on learning to handle such a powerful tool. Amy Anderson underscored the need to eliminate duplicates and claim records that pertain to my family as my own. That is a feature of NFS. A lot of it is un-sourced with any specificity and one has to look at the data and determine was I the source of this info in the database. If so there is a procedure to declare that you were the source. This will come in handy when others want to collaborate and discuss research differences.

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